Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catch up time...

I went home for a week just a little while ago to visit my sister Ashlee and her family. This was my little buddy the whole time I was there. He must get left out by the twins cause he was dying for a partner. Any time I would even move he would yell in desperation to me, "Abbey WAIT!!!" He loves giving me kisses... at least 3 every minute. He just melts my heart :)


Ashlee and Teage at the discovery center we took the kids to. They had a stage with dance shoes and costumes...Teage only liked the costumes.

Ashlee and Bostyn in the Tiki hut!

Teagie and I at the ward Halloween Party...I didn't have a very good costume!

Their real Halloween costumes as Belle and Sleeping Beauty!

Bailey dressed up in the play clothes as "The Bride Sleeping Beauty" and Bostyn was "Tink"!

Teage was the "Hulk" for Halloween. He was so hyper the entire night! Needless to say...It was awesome!

This is him showing me his muscles!

My Man dressed up as Elmo. Isn't he so cute?

We went for a little "hike"; it's mainly a small walk where Ashlee and I beg them to hold still so we can take their picture.

Bostyn licking off the frosting on her cupcake...and still looking gorgeous as she does it!

This the typical "Harmon Girl" face. Can't you just see Ashlee, Ali, and me in this picture? I guess technically Ashlee is in the background in this picture but what I meant was can you see us in Bailey's face :)

Halloween at work. My 2 supervisors Katelin and Christie. We rock!

My friend Jessica and I went to this crazy house on Halloween. It was decorated to the max!

Jessica and me in front of the hurst (however you spell it)...it was pretty spooky!

I know, I know...my costume is freakin awesome! This was one of my dance costumes when I was about 6 years old and I have no idea how it still fits me!

Yes my friend Todd really did wear that to work! He just got of his mission in Finland so he was laughing so hard at how white his legs are!

This is the Murder Mystery Party that my friend Jessica put on the day after Halloween. I, ironically, was given the "Head Cheerleader" part. I was so good at it that I was voted for the "Best Performance" of the night! I started to annoy myself...

One of my best friends and date Mitchy was the Student Body President!


Mitchell Family said...

Cute pic's. Teage is so dang cute. i loved those pictues. I bet everyone is viewing your blog right now since you told us to tune in to the next blog to find out the call. That is what I thought it was but there is no way it would be here that soon. Anyways...we are still excited for you. You are going somewhere foreign!!

Dani said...

All of your pics crack me up! Wish we could have seen you on your trip up north!! Hopefully some time before the mission- gosh! Teage's short shorts at Halloween crack me up. What a stud.

Jenny said...

I love the new pictures! Looks like you've been having tons of fun!