Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer Fun!

This is my friend David Brown...also known as Farmer Brown ;) He just got back from his mission in Lima, Peru. We went on a date to Temple Square and this is a picture of us on the top of the Conference Center. He was kind enough to come and visit me when I was drugged up from getting my wisdom teeth out...thanks for your patience David! You are the sweetest! This is one of my best friends Kim! We work together at Platinum. We made masques for our corporate party and then sang to our boss the song from Phantom of the Opera! She is so funny!
A very bad picture of us boating at Lucky Peak. It was the only one that had all three of us though!
Some of my guy friends that were at the wedding with me! Lane, on the far left, is the one who drove my car from Boise in the wee hours of the night so we could make it David's homecoming. Thanks for saving my life Lane!
This is a close up of Kevin and I at "Jump on It". My face is all flushed because it really wears you out fast!
A couple friends and I went to this place called "Jump on It". It is just a bunch of tramps put together to make an adventure of fun! Ha ha! My friend Kevin bounced me so high in this one!
The Bride and Groom left the reception through a long line of sparklers; it was so cool! This is my friend Jessica Powell that I lived with for a while this summer. Now I am living in the Harkers basement; they were kind enough to let me invade their home until I leave on the mission!
These are my cute friends Andrew and Chana Alder. They got married in Boise, ID so a couple friends and I drove up there to show our love and party! (By the way this picture was taken after I took off my heels...)