Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why do I love my life?

One of my best friends Jessica Hobbers had her "Burf-day" party up in Park City. This is us at Fuego's where we met Jimmy who gave us a life lesson on not making your waiter put every meal on different checks ;)
David and I on our triple date with Andy, Aubree, Kelsey, and JD. We had yummy Goodwood!

Up the canyon making a bonfire! I hope y'all noticed that I dyed my hair brown ;)
Look at my little boyscout ;) None of the other boys were really helping him make the fire so he had to do it all by his lone-some.
Andy, Aubz, David, and I trying to stay warm.
My friend Lane and I went bowling the other night. I had to aim the ball through his legs...ironically it was my only strike of the night!!! I look like a solider because Jess took the picture after I had shot it and I was trying to look over Lane to see if I was going to hit any pins or not.
Nice form!
Lane, Me, Jessica, and Trevor (also known as Curly Sue).
I love my friends!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Weekend...and some!

This is my new boyfriend! David are ya jealous? ;)

This is the biggest rocking chair I have ever seen!

Jillyn, Devon, and I went with a singles ward to Cornbelly's corn maze. They had all these other activities you could do while you were there. This is Devon proposing to me in the princess carriage; cause after all I am a Princess!

Aren't we just precious?

Lacey and I at the BYU vs Utah State game. Worst game I have ever been to but I loved the company!

Here is a closer one of us. Aren't we cute?

We went for a "little" ride around the neighborhood because I told him I didn't want to go riding on the Sabbath ;)

We went for a walk after Conference around the neighborhood and Ali rode her bike. She is so adorable!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


David came down this past weekend and we had so much fun. On Saturday night we went out with my best friends Mike and Lacey Merkley. We went to Olive Garden and then played at their apartment. David went to church we me the next day and then we went up AF canyon. It was a really fun , but short, weekend.
We drove the Alpine loop. The mountains were so beautiful. This picture is my favorite because the mountain in the back was all yellow!
This picture was taken by the best photographer in the world... yep David! He put it on the car and timed it so no cars were driving in the background. Good work David!